Wish me luck.

A mug of Earl Grey tea now sits faithfully by my laptop amidst the tabletop paraphernalia, and I feel less alone in my struggle to complete bastard essay by tomorrow. A cup of tea solves everything. Wish me luck.

I have other more interesting things to blog about, but the niggling worry holds me back. Many words and thoughts gushing through mind like a tsunami these days, all irrelevant to essay, unfortunately. I even wrote a short story in Chinese that day. I’m still undecided on the middle part although the start and end are properly conceived.

Bastard hag of a neighbour threw what looked like the contents of a bird’s nest onto our laundry. Ball of long, grey hair (hers) and twig-like stuff. The next time I see her, I will murder confront her. Wish me luck.

5 comments on “Wish me luck.

  1. OceanIce说道:

    hair and twigs??? u sure ur neighbour isn’t a big robin living above you??

    Good Luck gal!! good luck to ur essay, ur story. erm good luck to big birdie, too.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    i wish it’s a big robin! haha.. thank you!

    btw, you know favian right? he’s my classmate. haha. i see that he’s on your blogroll!

  3. OceanIce说道:

    gAsp!! Serious??? he’s my classmate in jc!

    he never update his blog de ><

    and i know ur jc fren lee jun hsien. he’s my classmate now! i never expect when u left a comment on my blog that time, that we can link like this. we are facebook-ing !!! LoL!

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    haha… so ure in NTU chinese? with elyn, jaime, etc.. haha. singapore is too small!

  5. oceanice说道:

    yes~! hahahah yesh sg is vv small. 缘来缘去!我们是link来link去 =p


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