Say No to the Needless

People who shop with me will know I reject plastic bags whenever possible. Bra made me feel quite embarrassed that day, cos she kinda “Wah! Every plastic bag you also dont want!” and basically didnt reject a single one when we shopped.

(This bag-rejecting habit has impacted my life so much my family once ran out of bags for household refuse. 😛 I also get irritated when I see people not rejecting plastic bags when they obviously dont need them. I’m sure girls with the fashionably big bags nowadays dont need p.bags for every single item they buy)

She’s disturbed that NUS recently imposed a 10 cents charge for plastic bags campus wide while I’m disturbed that the gahmen has yet to impose such charges islandwide. If I’m not wrong, IKEA is the only retailer in Singapore to charge customers for plastic bags.

To be honest, sometimes I feel there’s no purpose in my being environmentally-conscious. What difference would a few plastic bags make?

The talk at Awareness Place yesterday served as a timely reaffirmation of my actions before I revert to my old plastic-bag-stashing ways. (Btw, Chyork went too! He’s so on! And I saw Boon Kian without expecting to. It’s high time I drag bring more friends along to stop the KMS gang from mistaking poor Chyork for my boyfriend.)

In his talk Earth Day Special: Environmental Mindfulness, the speaker Joe Lim (Project Manager, from non-profit Singapore Environment Council) reminded me that:

  • Although a few degrees’ rise in temperature seems pretty harmless, it will trigger new diseases. The poorest people in the world are going to be the worst hit as they won’t have the means to deal with such problems.
  • Recycling is in itself a pollutive process, because electricity is needed and pollutants are given out. Most people, like me, will buy things according to our whims and fancies thinking, “It’s awrrite, I can always recycle the packaging”. We kinda forget that the preventive measures of reducing and reusing are much more helpful.

I’ll think twice before buying things now! Even as a girl, the age-old mystery of how girls can never have enough bags, clothes, and shoes still confounds me. Rational thinking slowly abandons us when we see aforementioned objects of desire. It seems like guys are increasingly victims of this. (Hor, Eric?)

As for Bra, I doubt our gap in ideas is going to be bridged anytime soon, and green-preaching is not going to work for anyone under 25. But I hope I can move her with my actions.

I’m also quite tired of finding myself left with up to 5 plastic bags big and small after my seemingly-innocent dimsum binge. One for the siewmai, one for the yam cake, and one for the bao. To top it off, I get a a big one to carry all the small ones. I’ve had enough. A lunchbox will be picked out as one of the lucky permanent residents in my bag soon.

4 comments on “Say No to the Needless

  1. Cheryl说道:

    No NO NO. U GOT IT ALL WRONG. IT is not about rejecting plastic bags. It’s about how u reuse them. Think about this, while u reject plastic bag, u are left with none at home to dispose off your garbage. Therefore, u end up polluting the environment more because u just could not plastic bag up your garbage. Like for me, I will reject them if i know i am gonna throw them away ASAP anyway. But if i need plastic bags to protect from spills, or if I know i will use that plastic for garbage, I will reject. Therefore, IT IS NOT ABOUT HOW MANY PLASTIC BAGS U REJECT. IT IS ABOUT, WHAT U DO WITH THE PLASTIC BAG U REJECT ANYWASE. Like if McD gives me a bag for drinks i reject it because I am gonna throw the whole thing in my fries bag, but if im gonna like bring it around all day, i might just not reject it. IT IS ABOUT USING DISCRETION. That’s all. P.S NO WONDER U SO BUSY. BEEN SHOPPING WITH POSTER BOY EH? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    “Therefore, u end up polluting the environment more because u just could not plastic bag up your garbage.”
    >> how so? we still put them in plastic bags. it’s indispensable in that sense.

    >> no, 东西是死的,人是活的。it’s all about using your own intelligence to cut down usage. i will choose to carry the drink in my hand.

    why is it about what you do with the bag? there are so many uses for it, if you allow yourself the excuses. “i need it for my coke cos i dont want my hands to get wet” “i need it cos i dont want my new shirt to mix with all the things in my tote bag” Excuses are aplenty. it’s about how you stop finding excuses for yourself. and that’s using with discretion. when do we truly need it?

    >> NO! Shopping?!

  3. healthearth说道:

    hi, i’m shaodong. read your blog about this 3R thing.. you are all wonderful!! good to hear that we are trying our best to reduce the use of plastic bags. well, i suppose you are already carrying a reusable along in your bag for shopping. i do that everyday, especially for groceries shopping. NTUC will give you a 10 cents rebate for your green efforts. i carry two reusable bags, lunch box and a personal water container and chopstick. I’m not sure if you know about Tzu Chi Foundation along Elias Road. they are promoting recycling and sell these lunch boxes, water container, chopsticks, spoons, etc. Btw, instead of using those bamboo disposable chopsticks in hawker centre, why not bring a personal one, safer and more environmental friendly. you can visit the i’ll be starting a blog on health and environment soon. i’m trying to find out how….

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    hi shaodong, i heard of Tzu Chi and their remarkable efforts. wordpress classified your comment as spam and i just realised!

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