Out there

这几天早上 在半梦半醒之间 都会做很多梦 多数都是不祥的梦 让睡和醒之间的我应接不暇

最夸张的一次是梦到被恐怖分子追杀(不是mas selamat) 几逼真一下

接连几天的噩梦 让我怀疑自己是不是压力太大了 我真的不知道

终于把自己从床上揪下来时 都会想 还是别睡的好 不会被那些噩梦搞得心里七上八下

现实和梦境的分别 就在于一个需要面对/承担 另一个不用 醒来后又是一个新开始

醒来后 一旦遇到了我最终需要面对的不怎么愉快的事实 实在有点怅然

我现在就是酱。 我会恢复过来的吧 训练自己不要太乐观 也不要悲观 重点是不要有任何期待

i’ve tried my best, and i should move on.

at times like this, i feel like a kid who’s robbed deprived of chances to prove herself in the scary world of adults. i really wish to go out there; see how i will fare.

比起平时的游手好闲,今天好忙,到了bugis 和mohd sultan road 面试。去陌生的地方我都会紧张,害怕迷路。其实地方很好找, 我多虑了。

两位代表都很友善, 所以过程大致上是舒服、自在的。 面试完后,有点白痴地在想:“哎呀 为什么没有说这个, 会加分咧” “我怎么回答得那么牛头不对马嘴”“我刚才的表现够 mass comm 吗?”“我是不是说了不该说的话?”“我刚才怎么一直拨弄头发?!!”


尽力了, 就别去想了! 结果会在这星期内揭晓。。。 怕怕。

我是很想换份新工作的。当代课老师,收入虽然可观,可是我已开始厌倦那里的一些作风。这也不是一份可以为我的履历表增添姿彩的工作。想换换环境, 接触新的人, 学点新的东西。

老爸买榴莲了! 幸福到爆。 榴莲是幸福, 妈妈煮的菜是幸福, 《阿旺新传》是幸福, 《青蛙王子拜金女》是幸福, 幸福真的可以很简单。日子, 静静的就好。

Been a long time since I last made a list

  1. woke at a glorious 5.30 am today and went to 普觉寺 and 净名佛学社 to pay respects to ancestors with family. it’s qing ming. i dont feel tired at all. must be all the unused energy saved from idling for the past few days.
  2. trying to translate stuff at snail speed. trying to do anything without faith or conviction is pretty pointless, i realise. i am increasingly cynical of some things and people and it’s quite unsettling.
  3. i predict a slew of whining posts to appear here in the next 2 weeks or so. got a crappy philosophy essay to write and i hope to die.
  4. the new wordpress platform kind of sucks. i only managed to embed a video after 524 tries.
  5. the shows on TV nowadays are nice! i mourn the passing of 一房半厅一水缸! it’s one of the nicest drama serials Mediacorp has produced in what, 10 years? the last show that i faithfully followed was shuang tian zhi zun 2! there is hope yet for local drama! it’s the ONLY drama (apart from shuang tian zhi zun and chu lu) in Singapore TV history that deserves a sequel, having captured the hearts of so many with its witty one-liners and dead-accurate portrayal of everyday Singaporeans. if Mediacorp can churn out more shows like this, i might just stop my boycott against local drama serials.
  6. This is what the audience wants! wake up, mediacorp! No more auntie catfights like in 同心圆! watching it for 5 seconds felt like i had poison forced down my throat. I wish I cld name more of those nonsensical shows, but the mere memory of them is just too hard to bear.
  7. i love ah wang xin zhuan and the korean show about the materialistic spinster and handsome golfer.
  8. anyways, mediacorp ought to be fined, stoned and shamed in public for telecasting irrelevant period dramas or 古装剧 on both channels U and 8 on weekend primetime! it’s outright television blasphemy!
  9. i wish i could go on, but dinner beckons.


外面的世界很精彩 我出去会不会失败
外面的世界特别慷慨 闯出去我就可以活过来
外面的世界很精彩 我出去会不会失败
外面的世界特别慷慨 闯出去我就可以活过来
留在这里 我看不到现在 我要出去寻找我的未来
下定了决心改变日子真难挨 吹熄了蜡烛愿望就是离开

外面的世界很精彩 我出去会变的可爱
外面的机会来的很快 我一定找得自己的期待
一离开头也不转不回来 留在这里我看不到现在
下定了决心改变日子真难挨 吹熄了蜡烛愿望就是离开


如果 爱’s soundtrack is incredible; please feel free to borrow from me. All lyrics are translated into English and the translation is of an unbelievably high standard! Shall post a sample here when I’m in the mood.