Slouching back

I’m back, although the backspacing still pervades, with incomplete sentences hanging in the air.

The 三个女人一个巴刹 theory holds no water when Eric aka 贱骨头 is around, because he constitutes 一个巴刹。His desperate attempts to break the pregnant silence by initiating conversations with Chyork and I were conveniently ignored. My temples throbbed  with pain while my throat burned in agony- but 贱骨头 never displayed any concern for his self-sacrificing friends who trekked down Orchard Road with him despite the scorching heat. So disappointed! Why did I even bother harbouring hope? Sigh.

可以想也不用想地畅所欲言 将是象征我真正回来的一个征兆

我还是有点‘回不来’ 像驱魔不够彻底 昏沉沉

再没有什么让我惊艳的了 什么都抓不住 太多画面捕捉不了

不试图去描绘这些混杂的情绪 我可能会好过些

就让它们随时间化开 不留痕迹 云淡风清 不是更好

不想面对的人频频出现 我恨不得一头撞死

逼不得已说些敷衍的话 挤出笑容希望有谁能够飞下来救我

为了证明自己其实还是有血有肉的人 找了个人来喜欢

有过一面之缘 读了他的blog 觉得他对自己很坦白 不矫情

似乎也很深情 认真 深情的男人都很有吸引力




可惜感觉只维持了几个小时 睡醒后便不了了之


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