My Greatest Wish Now

is for somebody to comfort my strained, overworked muscles with Counterpain. A week of bowling, basketball, captain’s ball, mahjong, shopping and teaching has officially rendered me an invalid. A couch potato can be so vulnerable when made to face the bump-and-grind of a less sedentary lifestyle.

Sob, my body is crying out for a massage!

I don’t know how I’m going to stick out the coming five days of pushcart tending: apart from attending to customers, I foresee myself staring blankly at my laptop screen as my photos get uploaded and writhing in suppressed agony as my muscles moan in pain.

Wish me luck.

Sorry for the Interruption…Not!

Hehe. Important announcement, ahem ahem!

33 new vintage tee designs will soon be featured on Salad Days, along with an exclusive range of funky tops! Due to popular demand, I brought in GUYS’ TEES this time- but only in a very small number!

While they’ll slowly appear online, I’ll be selling them at a pushcart again, this time in my school!

Dates: 30 June to 7 July 2008 (5 and 6 July excluded)
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Place: Cafeteria, MDIS Unicampus, 501 Stirling Road
How to go: Free shuttle service or ten minutes’ walk from Queenstown MRT (see here!)

Come and bring home your fave designs before they are sold! Can shun bian visit me also, I’d love the company!

My Laughter Quota for the Year

has officially been reached today, thanks to Cheryl and Khai Yuen. They are sooo cute and funny together!

I am now ten shades darker than my couch potato skin tone after a very intensive (to me) basketball and captain’s ball session at Kembangan CC. I haven’t perspired like this ever since, what, JC? But I had such fun! Saying this brings a slight blush to my already-pink cheeks, but I really am gifted in shooting balls. Even Cheryl says it’s a pity my hidden talent wasn’t discovered earlier, and she’s starting to believe that I am possessed. Our 2I gang teamed up against some damn-pro-everyday-play-bball boys for Cball and we …lost.

Haha! But we all had fun. It was great chatting and playing with Weilin, Jansen, Chin Seng and er, KY, who came only to touch the ball once before we stopped playing. If this ball-playing business continues to pervade my life I just might see abs in place of my tummy…..slowly but surely. I love the endorphins released and I wish I could polish my talents more often.

Both Che and I think KY is so very crappy and nice to bully, lor. He lost to me in bowling and mahjong HAHA. After the glorious sweat-out, we went to Yong Yang’s house for mahjong- a most sophisticated Eastern brain exercise I have not touched for years. I felt like a mahjong baby amidst the three expert-level 麻将精s (mahjong demons?). I also never tried laughing so much at a mahjong game, thanks to the mad antics of KY and Che.

Other than my foray into the worlds of athletics and intellectual brain work, I have another piece of earthshaking news for you, my dear reader.

Eric Tan is treating us to dinner on his birthday.

How sensational is that! First time treating us?!?! On account of my eight tumultuous years of 互相利用 with him, I’m not going to say what his initial offer with regards to the “treat” was, but when I told my parents they immediately said: “这种男人不可以考虑!” I guess that speaks volumes about Ah Tan’s magnanimity… or the lack thereof.

牙不痛了! 应该是肝火旺吧。

。。。嗯。。我算是得偿所愿了吧, 可是却没想象中那么情绪沸腾。


其实,我那种根本不能算是爱情,只能说是寂寞想找人解闷, 所以为自己找了个冠冕堂皇的借口罢了。

可闷总是解了。   🙂


Ubi 去考完 basic theory trial test, 反正空闲得很,便在附近趴趴走了一下。

迟下了一站车,误打误撞进了某围着带刺铁丝网的外国学生宿舍用午餐。起初还以为是监狱呢。发现外头车站有15号车,便搭去淡滨尼图书馆。 沿路看到Four Seasons Durian Café, 青柠绿的外墙很夺目,幻想着各式各样的榴莲食品,心也痒痒。

在图书馆泡了几个小时专心看书,哈欠也没打一个,Teh-peng 造成的caffeine high 总算没白费。

借了书便到附近的polyclinic跟牙医预约, 不慌不忙。本来漫无目的的瞎闯竟然也会做出有建设性的事来,真好。

右边牙龈(齿)不知何故刺痛阵阵。。。 我不要拔智慧牙!!

那天在Tanjong Pagar 一个人瞎闯, 感觉也很好。 不赶时间,放慢脚步和呼吸, 更能欣赏沿途看到的人和物,因为一切都变得好清晰。 慢下来, 就会看清楚很多东西吧。

MND Building 前面看到一个女人提着三角架到处自拍, 一个人旅行是否就得这样? 如果鼓起勇气向路人求助,应该会是更有趣的体验吧。遇到健谈又不赶时间的人还可以聊聊天, 做个朋友。

勾起我好多童年回忆的Maxwell Market, 现在有个取名别出心裁的Bread Pitt 面包摊位。

可爱的兴兴潮州粥, 还是那么的价廉物美,亲切感十足。以前我就在MND Building 上幼稚园!

佛牙寺的电梯, 看到装潢我马上想到了“满城尽带黄金甲”。

佛牙寺女厕精致的洗手盆。 我一踏进大门就被义工问“要不要点一盏灯来祈福, 五块钱”。 游览完毕, 发现寺里的每一尊塑像似乎都可供人供奉; 说白了,就是每件都标上了价钱, 感觉有点不以为然。


Pyromaniac At Large

I got flamed by a stranger on my blog, who was very, very disturbed at my thumbs-down one-sentence review of Jeanette Aw. Happy as I was to have something interesting befall me at long last, I could only watch helplessly as my mouse cursor found its way to the word Spam, and as my finger clicked it! Bad finger!

I felt sorry for a long, momentous 0.5 seconds (AWw) to have caused trauma to a vulnerable adolescent fanboy- will he grow up normal? Jeanette might be the one and only person that he lived for! What if he attempted suicide? I didn’t set out to kill a young boy with my words. The KARMA!

Immediately seeing the need to empathize, I tried to put myself in his shoes: how’d I feel if somebody said my Steven Ma can’t act? To my disappointment, I could only picture myself breathe a lazy “He can, lor” to his detractor with one eyebrow raised. Either I don’t love him enough or I simply lack the fire of passion (and time) to google his name and curse everyone who fails to speak his holy name under the same breath of, gasp, God.

I am for the latter- my love for Steven Ma is still roaring strong. Thanks to the world and all its evils, I am now reduced to a malfunctioning Bunsen burner. I used to be one bombshell of an industrial gas cylinder, just like my flamer.

Note to flamer:

Dear flamer, welcome back to my humble blog. I hope you haven’t lost hope in life after reading my one-sentence review; please seek help if you still feel that the world has turned its back against you. Incidentally, you might want to know what exactly happened to the comments you so painstakingly wrote. I’m terribly afraid they are now lost in a sea of spam, waiting for their writer to reunite with them. You can rest assured I will remember to reprimand my misbehaving finger.

Yesterday I very nearly cried. But I’m fine. My life, humdrum as it is, will not revolve around enigmatic idiots. The passion has fizzled out and I don’t exactly miss it. I don’t wish to spend my (insert name of glorious fruit)-eating minutes feeling forlorn and wistful. I will eat the last box tomorrow with all my past fervour. 有就有,没有就没有, 地球照常运转,太阳依旧升起!

Accompanied papa to eye centre for his cataract op. Cataract leh! Although they still have a healthy sense of humour, I must admit my parents’ health is giving in to age. My mum sprained her left knee in Bangkok (on the first night!) and I brought her to the Bumrungrad International Hospital, which turned out to really international, with a translator for every language in the world. I felt really grown-up to handle the crisis without “adult intervention”, save for some very useful advice given by the good people from the NTUC INCOME SOS hotline. My mum had a jab and we found ourselves navigating the winding alleys of Jatujak an hour later. She couldn’t walk without aid before that! Nothing can separate a woman and her shopping.

I slowly feel the switching of roles between my parents and me: very often, they are now the cared-for while I am the caregiver. I am comfortable with my newfound role thus far, but am uncertain about the future. I guess I will learn along the way. Bringing papa to his follow-up tomorrow! 8.30 am- that’s chickentikkamasala early. Wonder if I’ll see Brabra!