Yesterday I very nearly cried. But I’m fine. My life, humdrum as it is, will not revolve around enigmatic idiots. The passion has fizzled out and I don’t exactly miss it. I don’t wish to spend my (insert name of glorious fruit)-eating minutes feeling forlorn and wistful. I will eat the last box tomorrow with all my past fervour. 有就有,没有就没有, 地球照常运转,太阳依旧升起!

Accompanied papa to eye centre for his cataract op. Cataract leh! Although they still have a healthy sense of humour, I must admit my parents’ health is giving in to age. My mum sprained her left knee in Bangkok (on the first night!) and I brought her to the Bumrungrad International Hospital, which turned out to really international, with a translator for every language in the world. I felt really grown-up to handle the crisis without “adult intervention”, save for some very useful advice given by the good people from the NTUC INCOME SOS hotline. My mum had a jab and we found ourselves navigating the winding alleys of Jatujak an hour later. She couldn’t walk without aid before that! Nothing can separate a woman and her shopping.

I slowly feel the switching of roles between my parents and me: very often, they are now the cared-for while I am the caregiver. I am comfortable with my newfound role thus far, but am uncertain about the future. I guess I will learn along the way. Bringing papa to his follow-up tomorrow! 8.30 am- that’s chickentikkamasala early. Wonder if I’ll see Brabra!


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