Pyromaniac At Large

I got flamed by a stranger on my blog, who was very, very disturbed at my thumbs-down one-sentence review of Jeanette Aw. Happy as I was to have something interesting befall me at long last, I could only watch helplessly as my mouse cursor found its way to the word Spam, and as my finger clicked it! Bad finger!

I felt sorry for a long, momentous 0.5 seconds (AWw) to have caused trauma to a vulnerable adolescent fanboy- will he grow up normal? Jeanette might be the one and only person that he lived for! What if he attempted suicide? I didn’t set out to kill a young boy with my words. The KARMA!

Immediately seeing the need to empathize, I tried to put myself in his shoes: how’d I feel if somebody said my Steven Ma can’t act? To my disappointment, I could only picture myself breathe a lazy “He can, lor” to his detractor with one eyebrow raised. Either I don’t love him enough or I simply lack the fire of passion (and time) to google his name and curse everyone who fails to speak his holy name under the same breath of, gasp, God.

I am for the latter- my love for Steven Ma is still roaring strong. Thanks to the world and all its evils, I am now reduced to a malfunctioning Bunsen burner. I used to be one bombshell of an industrial gas cylinder, just like my flamer.

Note to flamer:

Dear flamer, welcome back to my humble blog. I hope you haven’t lost hope in life after reading my one-sentence review; please seek help if you still feel that the world has turned its back against you. Incidentally, you might want to know what exactly happened to the comments you so painstakingly wrote. I’m terribly afraid they are now lost in a sea of spam, waiting for their writer to reunite with them. You can rest assured I will remember to reprimand my misbehaving finger.


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