My Laughter Quota for the Year

has officially been reached today, thanks to Cheryl and Khai Yuen. They are sooo cute and funny together!

I am now ten shades darker than my couch potato skin tone after a very intensive (to me) basketball and captain’s ball session at Kembangan CC. I haven’t perspired like this ever since, what, JC? But I had such fun! Saying this brings a slight blush to my already-pink cheeks, but I really am gifted in shooting balls. Even Cheryl says it’s a pity my hidden talent wasn’t discovered earlier, and she’s starting to believe that I am possessed. Our 2I gang teamed up against some damn-pro-everyday-play-bball boys for Cball and we …lost.

Haha! But we all had fun. It was great chatting and playing with Weilin, Jansen, Chin Seng and er, KY, who came only to touch the ball once before we stopped playing. If this ball-playing business continues to pervade my life I just might see abs in place of my tummy…..slowly but surely. I love the endorphins released and I wish I could polish my talents more often.

Both Che and I think KY is so very crappy and nice to bully, lor. He lost to me in bowling and mahjong HAHA. After the glorious sweat-out, we went to Yong Yang’s house for mahjong- a most sophisticated Eastern brain exercise I have not touched for years. I felt like a mahjong baby amidst the three expert-level 麻将精s (mahjong demons?). I also never tried laughing so much at a mahjong game, thanks to the mad antics of KY and Che.

Other than my foray into the worlds of athletics and intellectual brain work, I have another piece of earthshaking news for you, my dear reader.

Eric Tan is treating us to dinner on his birthday.

How sensational is that! First time treating us?!?! On account of my eight tumultuous years of 互相利用 with him, I’m not going to say what his initial offer with regards to the “treat” was, but when I told my parents they immediately said: “这种男人不可以考虑!” I guess that speaks volumes about Ah Tan’s magnanimity… or the lack thereof.


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