Second day at pushcart. I’m home now though, and I’m glad to say my bodily aches have more or less left me for greener pastures.

Was really touched to see Guohao – he helped me set up and bought so many items for his girlfriend! 谢谢支持!!You made my day!

Sales aren’t fantastic, and Yong Yang very kindly imparted some durian-selling tactics that seriously didnt inspire me…. passing them off as entertainment for my boring day didnt really help either. Haha. I never really discovered his crappy side until recently.

It’s less tiring and more rewarding income-wise if I did my usual relief teaching/writing, people always tell me that.

But they offer such vastly different experiences and can hardly be compared side by side. It can be a lonely affair though, tending a stall all by myself. I felt a bit forlorn when I had trouble packing up the cart at the end of the day. An extra pair of hands would be so nice.

Does anyone own a wireless mouse? I bought one at $21 yesterday and it’s not working! 1000 BAHS to the trouble of exchanging it!!

還有四天。 我一定要撐下去。


3 comments on “

  1. Cheryl说道:

    does ur store have songwei size? haha.. or yuanqin?

  2. Cheryl说道:

    yongyong got a crappy sidee? lol

  3. Miss Poh说道:

    songwei shd be able to fit well. i think yuanqin a bit short to fit.

    it’s an M for all guys tees.


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