Apart from a Damn Good Full Body Massage

the next thing I need is patience in copious amounts. Won’t somebody sell me patience by the container-load? I am willing to pay a good price.

Thanks (partly) to PMS and my innate intolerance for commonsenselessness, I now have absolutely no patience for:

  1. unbelievably unenlightened humans and hardware, namely, printers. EPSON is the worst brand anyone can buy!
  2. weird people who wait until the last nanosecond to wrestle their way out of the MRT, going “Skuse me Skuse me!”. Did they assume everyone’s going to alight at the same stop? Were they too lost in their melancholic thoughts? Ah, they didn’t realise it was time to alight……. bless the poor souls! Skuse me lor, that’s a damn sorry excuse.
  3. self-pitying people who give lame excuses. Really, I tried so hard not to roll my eyes leh. Grow up, okay? Everybody’s got their own lives to lead and things NEVER go according to plan. Life wouldn’t be worth living if everything went as planned. I hope I needn’t deal with your lame excuses/childish + unrealistic expectations anymore. 下次再這樣,我就不會給面子了, 真的。 I will not try to conceal my irritation the next time.

煎熬的一個星期總算挨過了,我好想休息。。 可是時間並不允許。在這種時候真的希望有人為我捶捶背, 告訴我什麽都別管了,靜靜的休息吧, 天塌下来有我顶。


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