All work and no play

I feel so lifeless if I dont blog. Am so besieged by dreadful work to the extent that I’m losing my bearings. I know my kidneys are failing thanks to all those late nights. Such unspeakable agony.

I long to run on the grass, frolic on the beach, and PLAY BASKETBALL. Let off steam. Ditch all the bloody obligations. And just run away. All I want to do is rest and play.

I MISS IDLING. I cant believe I just sold myself to lifelong slavery Just to earn a pathetic sum of money. Should i quit? Be a poor(er) idler than a poor zombie?

The last thing I want to do now is stare at this monitor screen. I can’t believe there’s no ice cream left in the fridge! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, WORLD?!

The words “bloody” “算了“ and “HAR?!” feature prominently in my vocabulary these days. I am bloody, bloody 浮躁。


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