I know the world’s so big and I’m so small…

but i really wish to rant (aka magnify my minuscule, insignificant problems 1000 times even when I know this is a waste of whatever little time i have left):

  1. It’s so tiring having to console others and give them advice when I need help myself. I feel like I’m imposing on others if I whine to them. And I dont give good advice at all…. my life experience is too shallow. I am 泥菩萨过江,自身难保!! I might appear mature/independent/strong, but i am not infallible okay! I have my vulnerable side too.. *sob*
  2. 有谁能够聆听 + 听懂我的烦恼呢? 我是不是应该把烦恼一并深埋在心,让它自生自灭就好。这样,谁都不会被打扰。。。 我外表坚强,可是偶尔也需要一个能依靠的肩膀,让我停下来靠靠。
  3. Is there a need to keep secrets for those who trivialise yours? My friends dished them out like party bonbons (at a party, no less) and I felt I should be angry at them, even though the “secret” was really something they constructed out of nothing. I still am keeping secrets and giving free counselling to them at the point of writing this. (I really should charge friends who seek advice from me! It should be quite lucrative.) They said sorry but what’s the use? Am I being oversensitive?
  4. I HAVE AN EXAM PLUS ASSIGNMENT DEADLINE ON SATURDAY BUT I HAVE HARDLY STARTED WORK. What was I doing for the past few weeks?! I am bledy, bledy screwed……

[EDIT] In order to balance out this post of bad vibes, a list of things I’m grateful for:

  1. my 孩子缘。 A cute little girl saw a balloon lying around at Pasir Ris interchange and she picked it up to give me! She must’ve thought it was mine. Aww so cute. And my neighbour’s kid suddenly seemed friendlier to me on that same day.
  2. wonderful friends like Linda. LOVE YOU TO BITS! Hope you enjoyed your birthday party! I enjoyed myself, save for the kenna teased bit, bleh. Hope you like the guestbook we did!
  3. Dicky and Wa.. thanks for remembering me while you were in the U.S.! I’ll try to use your *ahem* presents…..


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