I’d just like to say that I had this warm and fuzzy feeling inside me today, thanks to some wonderful friends. *flutters wings*

I felt so lousy and wretched after my rotten exam. And I didn’t know I had to attach my drafts with my research proposal!!! Felt so wretched I could die.

But my spirits were lifted up, up, into the sky after I received messages of concern from my dear fwens. 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you for making me feel so much better!! What did I do to deserve such wonderful friends?? and family?!

Had a rather productive agonize-over-research-paper session with Jasper too. Went home for 溏心风暴 marathon after that. WAY TO GO, FIRST MOM!

Only thing bugging me now is freelance PR work. I managed to get a discount for my workload. My lucky stars are shining.



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