I enjoy my Politics, Economics, America and the Future module tremendously despite having to sleep at 2 am everyday, thanks to the killer readings and assignments!

My lecturer’s a dear, charming old man who happens to have a wicked sense of humour on top of a superb memory. I can’t imagine him developing Alzheimer’s, going by the way he rattles off dates and throws out jokes without batting an eyelid. Gosh, I actually look forward to going to school! I wish he needn’t go back to the States after the module…

Shopping at DAISO is incredibly therapeutic. Was sooo tempted to buy the pretty but useless notebooks and letter paper, luckily sanity prevailed! Bought some felt, white glue, plywood and made something! Am supposed to be doing readings but I busted the whole afternoon on my craft project. There’s surplus purple paint left and I used it to beautify a photo frame gifted by a friend. Handmade gifts always warm the heart.

I love art and craft!!


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