When did you last see an all-caps headline on my blog! Three days of Dr Musselman left… I’m almost sure I won’t wake up to each day with the same energy and enthusiasm after he’s gone. 😦 I literally trot to class. When lessons threaten to end I nervously glance at the ticking hands of the clock and silently wish time could just stop.

He’s got so much to offer, and I feel terribly humbled and grateful to be able to learn from him. It’s not just history he’s teaching, he’s teaching us how to be a better person! How many teachers actually do that these days?

I got reminded of my lower sec History teacher Mrs ___ (i can’t bleddy remember her name, unsurprisingly) and how her humorless, deathly boring lessons made me loathe and nearly fail the subject. Then again, maybe I should blame the adolescent, deathly playful ME, not her.

Volunteered for this one-off recyclables collection yesterday at Thomson Gardens; there was just not enough to go round in that estate as too many organizations are collecting recyclables from the residents. Surely it doesn’t take much work to prevent overlapping collection? Pointlessly, again, some volunteers actually packed old newspapers in brand new plastic bags! My lone protests fell on deaf ears, and I could only watch helplessly as we took a step backwards in our “bid to save the environment” under the scorching sun.

10 comments on “I ADORE MUSSELMAN! :p

  1. chyork说道:

    “lower sec History teacher Mrs ___”

    Kang-Tan Yeow Boey?

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    omg chyork, how in the world can you still remember her name?!

    i can only remember mrs wong fee min telling us how she uses jiff to wipe her table.

  3. eric说道:

    yeah mrs kang la… she’s my form teacher k.

  4. wenjian说道:

    i was sitting beside mrs ktyb when i was relieving in dunman and i can just feel her negative energy haha. doesn’t help that she looks bitter too. =/

  5. Miss Poh说道:

    negative energy! haha is it THAT bad? maybe it’s just the Jiff emanating from her desk…

    poor her, still teaching. you can spread some of your metta to her 😛

  6. chyork说道:

    is she still as 骨头?

  7. Miss Poh说道:

    that was so 无厘头, 小chyork子!!

    i cant imagine her being rotund…

  8. wenjian说道:

    yes still 骨头 and 讲的话几乎都是消极的怨言和没有丝毫幽默感的。一点都没感受到她对学生的爱,哈哈!

  9. chyork说道:

    yeeyer. History has affected her too much.

  10. Miss Poh说道:

    no it’s not History, it’s just her!! History is fun and interesting with the right teacher. 😛

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