Bobo leaves for London on the A380

Ah Tan leaves for London on the A380

P.S.: Photoscape is a camwhore’s best friend! Thanks for the reco, Joanna. 🙂


4 comments on “Farewells

  1. cf说道:

    Pohhhhh. Finally I’ve dragged myself out of senseless dong fang shen qi lalaland to update myself on my friends’ lives. Shall put here my random thoughts while backtracking your entries.
    1) I browsed thru a bit of tanya’s ‘my space’ recently. Like her cover of Damien rice’s song! Glad she’s getting to sing the songs she wants to sing nowadays man. Returning to her roots.
    2) Chen qi zhen’s songwriting is always so exceptionally lyrical. Not as pompously poetic (at least to me) as fang wen shan’s but her words just captures the uhh …ennui of the moment very well. Your idol haha.
    3) Oh I like this line so much…哭出一個休止符. You write one??
    4) Oohh lin feng, zheng jia ying and ron ng! (ma jun wei hasn’t appealed to me yet, sorry..) So going to catch up on hk dramas when exams end.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    Thanks fang for reading! My responses, keke:

    1) I havent listened to the covers yet! And pls borrow her album from me. haha.
    2) yes i particularly love the first part “我穿戴整齐面对疯狂的未来 不管面对谁 微笑是必须”. yes “ennui of the moment”! well said, fang!
    3) yup i wrote this. Inspired by who-else but heartless *ahem*…:\
    4) haha it’s ok, ma jun wei is MINE!

  3. jooo说道:

    i ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ photoscape too 😉
    it’s great joy to share such a lovely programme. hahaha.

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    keke, this programme is cool too!!


    converts your photos to vintage ones. 😀


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