I hope I didn’t roll my eyes when somebody asked “You have nothing to do at home anyway right?” when she learnt that I’ll be a temp staff at KMSPKS for three weeks.

Am fighting fires with a water hose that seems to be spewing gasoline instead of water. The fiery tongues of the inferno shall lick at me on 15 November. It’s the deadline for SPLAT!’s website revamp, set by Slavedriver Dominic, who’s turning me into a formatting purist.

Yes, he’s the ultra-anal sort who can tell the difference between 15% and 20% grey shading for table cells, and go on to tell you the “standard” is 25% grey.

I used to type my emails in all small letters but now I raise a cynical eyebrow at emails with bad punctuation, distasteful fonts, worse grammar than mine, and slipshod formatting. And I’d be quite happy to reply them with the same lackadaisical attitude. If I ever reply, that is.

I can’t wait to go to the States; away from all my commitments here. I don’t think I have “too many” commitments, but I guess I raised my bosses’ expectations a little too high for my own good. It’s scary how they trust me so implicitly to produce good work all the time; on time. I know I am capable, but I’m afraid I’m not talented superhuman. I shall be firm in saying no. And stop spoiling my own market by giving good work all the time. But the mere thought of churning out substandard work even for my own interests disturbs me. What a classic case of cognitive dissonance! I never knew I was such a perfectionist.

Shall retire for the night at an exceptionally early 11.08pm. The work can wait. Oh wait, they can’t. But I don’t want to go through kidney dialysis in future.

P.S.: 心晴大动员 is probably one of MediaCorp’s best programmes this year. Watch it on Channel 8, 8pm on Mondays. Kudos to Singapore Turf Club for sponsoring it. (They need the good karma anyway.)

One comment on “Inferno

  1. evinrude说道:

    hi pam, my pet parrot’s gone. if you know anyone who lives around my area (old airport road, cassia crescent, guillemard road, mounbatten) pls direct them to my blog for more details. i need all the help i can find. thanks.


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