New Readers

Oh my oh my! I have a new 偶像! I am absolutely awestruck… 😛

You might find this hard to believe, but Bodhisattvas are reading my blog.

Within 24 hours of my bitchy post, I saw the Louisa May Alcott quote, and heard people say/tell me all this, in chronological order:

  • Ching Wi, at Dharma-In-Action meeting: “When we do Buddhist youth work, we must be happy doing it, right? What’s our motivation for doing all this?”
  • Indian taxi driver who loves dogs and has to answer phone calls every two minutes while driving me from PKS to City Hall for SPLAT! meeting: “Do social service ah, must be happy. No point pulling a long face mah.”
  • Debbie, giving me a lift to PKS from Dana Citta: “It’s funny how we feel uncomfortable when there’s no work and when we actually find work to do, we complain.”
  • Augustine, during SPLAT! meeting: “Why do you want to help youths-at-risk?”

They are my Bodhisattvas! If not, Bodhisattvas read my blog and sent these people to me to make me stop and think. And stop and think I will.


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