Oklahoma City

在美国Oklahoma City的我,很想家人, 很想朋友。



当地人说,美国大部分城市都是这样的,只有少数如纽约、洛杉矶的大都会才比较繁华。 可这不代表这里的人都是乡巴佬! 遇到一位义务载我们去买电话卡的教堂工作者, 他穿着邋遢, 白色的hoodie满是污迹,指甲也黑黑的,可是和他交谈后,发现他学识渊博。  就连接送我们上下课的司机Donnie也很有学问、很有智慧!像他们这样深藏不漏的人都很谦虚。

我非常喜欢我们的校园,因为有宽广的草原和复古的建筑。也喜欢在这里上的TV Production课,学得很多。还去了老师家庆祝圣诞,一进屋就闻到浓郁的香草味, 看到挂满吊饰的圣诞树在橙色的灯光里发光,很温馨。

8 comments on “Oklahoma City

  1. chyork说道:


  2. Miss Poh说道:

    hey chyork! im so looking forward to kbox…
    it’s just started snowing here. tiny baby bits of snow.


  3. oceanice说道:

    好像好美的一个地方~!尽情玩吧,一月就可以回来了 =))

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    thank you! i’ll be coming back on 29 dec, keke.
    you take care in Singapore!

  5. 精神有点问题的说道:

    hey girl i wrote u two comments and both didnt submit. ARG.
    nevermind, shall summarize!

    dun miss us! we are here supporting u in spirit! make use of this opportunity to experience and learn things u cant learn here okay?

    campus there damn nice right? and people not so kiasu one hor???
    do u like snow? oh the snow on my blog is big, urs so tiny and small 🙂

    我好怕指甲黑黑的人!I feel like they will 随时为了金钱而对我不利!

    Go around watching christmas decorations, have a merry christmas, most houses decorate until damn nice one!!

  6. 精神有点问题的说道:

    I like tiny small snow!

  7. maoyc说道:

    excellent experience in u.s.

  8. Miss Poh说道:

    haha che! wordpress prolly classified your comments as spam, based on your nick! yes it’s a great chance for me to learn how to survive bitter people with phenomenally low EQ. 😐

    very funny leh your comment on 指甲黑黑的人.. lolz
    yes the christmas mood is omnipresent..

    the girl at Panda Express (chinese food) actually asked how are you while serving people in a long line, and i was so stunned i didn’t reply and told her what i wanted immediately.so rude of me! but being a true blue Singaporean, just too used to no-nonsenseness.

    the snow we had here was tiny.. we’re expecting snow tomorrow too! i hope i won’t be greeted by a blizzard in NYC. Are you in canada or sg now!?!?

    hi yc, thanks for the comment. i’m not too sure if i know you though… 😛


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