25 Random Things

Been tagged by Fangfang… Sorry I’m not doing it on Facebook!

  1. The only sport I love is basketball. Would love cycling too, if I’m not so adept at banging into trees and humans and weird cats sitting in the middle of the cycling path.
  2. 我是一个超级不挑食的人。除了像蜥蜴/蛇/昆虫这种另类的东西, 我什么都吃。
  3. I seldom fall sick.
  4. 也不是一个容易哭的人。
  5. I don’t have a favourite colour. For now, at least.
  6. 我从高中毕业起,就没有真正喜欢过一个人。
  7. I don’t believe in best friends. Why tie yourselves down?
  8. 过去的几天里,有点暴力倾向:我想花半小时骂一个人,再花半小时打他/她。只是罢了。
  9. I speak Malaysian English/Mandarin and Beijing Mandarin very convincingly.
  10. 我洗碗的时候,一定要听收音机。
  11. If TVB stopped making drama serials, I might just die.
  12. 我曾经梦过和金城武同坐一辆车,还是黑白画面。
  13. I can’t bleddy harmonise in KTV.
  14. 我其实很看不起自己。
  15. I love to iron clothes. It’s my favourite household chore.
  16. 拜年的时候, 几乎每一位长辈都会问我:“有没有男朋友?”
  17. I wish I could speak Hokkien, Cantonese and Bahasa Melayu.
  18. 小时候有个梦想,就是嫁一个当厨师的,这样子每天都有好料吃。
  19. I’d like to live  in a different country for an extended period of time.
  20. 我喜欢玫瑰花的香味。
  21. But I can’t stand perfume.
  22. 我喜欢演戏。可以把自己忘掉,完全变成另外一个人,对我来说是一件很酷的事。
  23. I haven’t combed my hair for more days than I can count. Might just cut the wretched mess short.
  24. 最爱的冰淇淋口味是Rum and Raisin. The New Zealand Natural Durian-Flo is a close second.
  25. When I was a kid, I wanted to name my future kids Mickey and Minnie.

I didn’t know this would take me so long. Bleh.

If your horoscope is Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio, you’re tagged!

4 comments on “25 Random Things

  1. fang说道:

    “我曾经梦过和金城武同坐一辆车,还是黑白画面。” <–nice!! Was it after watching perhaps love haha.

    why is bowie lam 风流!To me he’s one of the most 成熟稳重guys. That’s his charisma. Heh.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    nope, it was during my primary school days. hahaaaaa.

    林宝怡的风流,在眼角。 呵呵。

  3. zhen说道:

    wAHaHAA!! this is the most interesting 25 random things i have read

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    really! thanks for the compliment dicky!!
    and you’re tagged, cos you’re a piscean!!!


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