EXAM IS OVER!!! Hoohoohohoo..

I’ve got a whole lot of hedonistic plans brewing in my big head, along the lines of Sentosa, noisy and bitchy meet-ups, sleepovers and er, overseas travel? Hurhur!

Can’t wait! Freedom is so so SO sweet.

Am going to Melaka next week, HAHA. Will bring my Holga! Hope my stupid flu goes away by then so I can have all the laksa, oh-lua and yummy Malaysian food I want. Malaysian food is the best!! Am having that inflamed throat feeling :(.

Listlessly Listing

  1. I’m supposed to be whacking my assignments now, but ya.
  2. In fact, I was supposed to be religiously studying the entire week but I squandered my youth (and money!!) on KTV with Chyork and Dicky hurhurhur.
  3. Chyork is easily the most 闷骚 person I know. Tsk.
  4. I’ve missed uncountable episodes of 豪杰春香 and it’s really getting to me. 梦龙 is terribly cute!
  5. I miss Lindaaaa and Che and Bra and Mandy and all my TG girls!
  6. I owe many friends birthday presents.
  7. I’m officially putting off buying a digicam because I have zero income. Actually, make it negative income because of my unchecked spending, monthly insurance maintenance and donation to the Cancer Society.
  8. Why am I still here?


I sing and watch TV

with a religious conviction

Thrive in bubblegum creations,

give me any situation; anything suffices.

I search for an inspiration

crawling and scratching,

fingers drumming

It never really comes.

I fall in and out of love everyday

Dentists, teachers and random strangers,

even salesmen at my door;

(Telling me to buy things I don’t need)

Anyone suffices.

How self-sufficient, my little existence.

I hope, mope and potter around

within my four yellow walls

(reeking of faux enthusiasm)

Dream of hitmen and Armaggedon

Any dream suffices.

I fight, ramble and laugh,

revel in my own pontifications

Get drunk without alcohol

Coffee suffices.

How self-sufficient, my fleeting existence.

Sometimes I can’t help but feel that the uncertainty in my life is too much for me to take. Hmm. But it’s the uncertainty that keeps me on my toes. I might just take flight if I’m tired of fighting. I don’t know, go on a holiday or something. The airfares are very tempting these days. Taiwan? Macau? The Philippines? Japan!!!! Sigh, I wish I had an income of sorts to support my 说飞就飞-ness so I needn’t dig into my reserves. I just transferred $1000 to my father! 心在淌血。 Surprisingly though, I’ve received quite a lot in hongbao money – probably the highest amount in many years! Is the economic recession really just a figment of our imaginations?

Roar, I miss my vices. KTV, movies, brainless banter with friends. Sloth is the only vice that I indulge in these days.

Vices aside, exciting opportunities have been coming my way and I’ve committed myself to some. As usual, I will not elaborate on them until they’ve been cast in stone. (I’m superstitious.) I hope my world won’t come crashing down when I find a job. People have been asking me what work I want to find, and I always end up mumbling stuff along the lines of reporter/writer. On days when I feel like being honest I’d go ‘Er, dunno leh.’ I really don’t know. I’ve been discovering so many sides to myself, I really don’t know what I want to be/can be. I love interacting with people, I love to write, I find acting very fun and cathartic, I love directing, I love photography. Hey, I’ve even started to like teaching! Hmm, let’s just say I’ll be happiest in a job that requires my creative juices to flow. If you’ve got a job opening that fits this very simple requirement of mine, please tell me!

Overdue photos, heh:


SPLAT!‘s volunteers very kindly came to help with the filming, despite the very short notice! We’ll be screening the video, an adaptation of last year’s musical, to about 20 schools. The crew and actors were all very professional; great to work with them!


One might accuse me of putting these photos up for self-aggrandizement, but I really am quite proud to be part of this team. They’re a bunch of very capable, committed people with a great sense of humour and I’ve been enjoying the weekly meetings, where we waste no time in keeping things moving. I learn so much from working with them.

We need volunteers! If you have the heart and will to bring out the best in oft-misunderstood youths, join us now!

意犹未尽 (not referring to the exam, of course.)

It’s four days to my Personal Lifestyle exam and I’m contemplating exam suicide. My heart and soul is entirely with my volunteer work and jobhunting adventure* and these wretched things just have to nag at the back of my big head. As a professional couch potato, I’m really not concerned with how the fats around my waist will lead to a mile-long list of chronic diseases, much less write about them in an *shudder* exam. Exams are a hindrance to my future! They’re megasized wing-clippers! Just die, you knaves!

So, yes, I was at the filming of SPLAT!’s adapted musical at AMK last Saturday, expecting to run errands like a production assistant aka the bottommost organism in the filmmaking food chain. But I ended up going through the scenes with our volunteer actors from secondary school! I just couldn’t resist the temptation to step up and act when I felt the acting could be improved. I think I was quite convincing acting as a gangleader because one actress said, “Next time you start a gang, call me okay!” Haha she’s so cute. Acting is so fun! Why didn’t I join the drama club back in school? (I acted in a minor role in JC but the experience was strangely unmemorable; 不堪回首,even.)

Ooh and my cameo part was done in one take! I secretly wanted to do it again but they felt it was fine, 很给面子. Our production crew was from the Catholic JC Film Sound Video Society, and I must say they were really professional.

Acting is so fun! Then again, the gangleader role had so much room for blatant acting. The director would probably tell me to go home if I tried more high-level (read: unMediacorpish), subtle roles with lots of grey area.

Who cares. Acting is so fun!

* I probably didn’t screw my writing test too badly as I was asked to go for an interview? Hurhur.