Listlessly Listing

  1. I’m supposed to be whacking my assignments now, but ya.
  2. In fact, I was supposed to be religiously studying the entire week but I squandered my youth (and money!!) on KTV with Chyork and Dicky hurhurhur.
  3. Chyork is easily the most 闷骚 person I know. Tsk.
  4. I’ve missed uncountable episodes of 豪杰春香 and it’s really getting to me. 梦龙 is terribly cute!
  5. I miss Lindaaaa and Che and Bra and Mandy and all my TG girls!
  6. I owe many friends birthday presents.
  7. I’m officially putting off buying a digicam because I have zero income. Actually, make it negative income because of my unchecked spending, monthly insurance maintenance and donation to the Cancer Society.
  8. Why am I still here?

2 comments on “Listlessly Listing

  1. chyork说道:

    not 闷骚 lar!

  2. Miss Poh说道:



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