Yay it’s my birthday. I’m friggin 22 years old now and still childish, jobless (unless my Sinema apprenticeship and assorted freelance projects count), and boring.

But I’ve got such great friends and family nothing else matters! (except AH TAN, who just asked for my address so he could snailmail a birthday card to me. Talk about 弄巧成拙。)

Yay, and I’m meeting Dicky tomorrow!! So touched by her..so sweet haha.

I don’t need any presents; I’ve already got so much.

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  1. jooo说道:

    hehehe. i’m actually seriously missing the portability of my lumix. sigh, i’ve been meaning to get it fixed but the panasonic centre is too out of the way for my liking! it’s really convenient to have a small cam, and just whip it out to snap away easily :/

    i miss the comfort of something familiar :/

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    oh that’s true….. it’s really so portable i’m afraid i’ll sit on it one day.
    but i like to play with manual settings!! been wanting to upgrade to semipro but i ended up with a hiao compact camera thanks to my rashness :X

    go get it fixed lah, my dad is so xintong over our ailing old lumix (costed him $549 three years ago) that he’s getting it fixed too. if it costs $100 or below, that is.

    eh your fujifilm is quite mini mah!


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