The economic recession is one big bleddy lie. Suntec is bursting at the seams and people are snapping up IT fair gizmos as if they were free! Laptops are sold like durians! Digicams are flying off the shelves and one landed in my pocket. This one:

I would have liked it to be a bit fatter though; I wanna feel like I’m holding a weapon in my hand, not some Kate-Mossy incarnation. And yes, pink again…. I’m not a fan of pink but the other colours are so boring!

Our family desktop is dying too (about time, it’s centuries old) and we got a Fujitsu laptop just in case, haha. It’s pink too, only because my mum and I got it with my sister in mind. But she isn’t really happy about Pinky cos it’s heavy and too pink. But she’s got a friggin Hello Kitty mouse! She’s gonna try it for a week and if all goes well I’m gonna be reunited with my laptop and she’ll take Pinky:

Flamingo is probably a better name for it. Pinky is an understatement.

It’s 3.10AM now and I’m still here because I’ve got too much caffeine in me. Which is probably good, since I’ve got 1000 things on my never-ending todo list. School’s starting next week and it’s overlapping with EVERYTHING. I am essentially a part-time student and full-time worker/volunteer. I’m so glad the Sinema folks are fluid about this. And the KMS people are very supportive of my Sinema apprenticeship even though that means I’m less involved with KMS, uber cool!

Am off to make a video montage for SPLAT!.


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