Gummin’ around


Met up with Mandy (thanks for the present!) for lunch at Chinatown.
The 卤大肠 at 长城粥 is sooo good!! And 杨枝甘露 is heavenly, true to its name!


GUM meeting at Casualpoet…. tad pricey (English tea at $3.50!), and the music gave us all a headache. They should just play Cheer Chen and nobody else.

And I’m so excited about May’s GUM! Some hints of May’s theme:


There won’t be pasta and rose tea in the May issue.

4 comments on “Gummin’ around

  1. niki说道:

    BEATER…hiyoyo u been sticking & gumming our 一举一动…
    we got to 提高警惕…


  2. Miss Poh说道:

    hehheh SNITCH!!!

    yah 要时时刻刻保持形象哦。。

  3. fangfang说道:

    pam!!i haven’t seen u in like forever. i wanna eat 杨枝甘露!! Koped some of it from other pple before but I shall get a huge bowl of it for myself the next time i go a dessert shop.

    And yea isn’t the dialect thing sad? to think someone said “the value of a language lies only in its usefulness”. SO wrong. *looks around furtively* I hope i don’t attract any eagle-eyed govt authority to your blog..

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    yeah were we not supposed to meet up like, one month ago?!
    tell me when you’re more freed up – maybe we can meet when ur hols start 🙂

    keke we can go eat 杨枝甘露 together!

    i feel like a mute when im with elderly people and that sucks. i wish i cld converse with them in fluent hokkien, and im sure this is USEFUL (for the utilitarian suckers) to promote intergenerational understanding (this is for you, internet-monitoring-gahmen-whoever)!


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