I’m so overwhelmed with work, I forget when all my meetings are. And I wanna cry.

I dreamt that I was staying in this kampongish riverside house and a gigantic, overweight fish surfaced from the murky waters, attempting to leap into my house through its wooden doors. I forced the door close with all my might, the waves were breaking in and the fish just kept leaping and banging on my door with its slimy, grey head.  Don’t think the fish got in in the end.

I’ve always had an aversion for fish.

Going to East Coast Park with my mum for her 佛学班 gathering. I need to stare at the sea.

2 comments on “

  1. latebloomer说道:

    it’s easy to lament, harder to see what’s going on in the bigger world. thanks for the insight. and guess who am i?

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    haha you entered your blogsite lor! 2.13am….

    ive linked you!


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