Respect must be earned.

Thio Su Mien: “Some of us live till 73 to celebrate feminism. We don’t go around shouting and shrieking. I believe I am a ‘feminist mentor’…QUIET please, because you have put me in your book. All of you have been asked to read about women who are first in their fields and I was so charmed to discover that I was in book on page 73. I was the first batch of law graduates and…SHOW SOME RESPECT TO YOUR ELDERS….”

[Somebody from the crowd shouted “You have to earn the RESPECT!”]

Lois Ng: “Ladies and gentlemen, please sit down, I have already mentioned to you about the house rules. We do not interrupt when somebody is speaking. There are many people here who wanted to speak.”

[The noise from the crowd continues to drown Thio Su Mien’s speech]

Thio Su Mien: “I was very charmed when I discovered I was in this book. Please show humility. I acted a point that I stand to stay something because it’s my desire, because you are women who are descendents of the pioneers of Singapore….I am disturbed, I was the first Law Dean, I was also the first to establish……YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR ELDERS”

[A lady pointed at her watch and shouted to Thio: “Your 3 minutes is UP!!”]

From Wayang Party

She’s a disgrace to all mankind.


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