I swear I’ll twist the neck off anyone who attempts to hijack my weekend escapade to ___. Location is secret for obvious reasons. I have this ominous feeling that I’ve double-booked myself (again). But I’ll just pretend I didn’t realise.
I am going to spend a hundred bucks online; stop me!

6 comments on “

  1. chyork说道:

    wa going overseas again!

  2. MISSPOH说道:

    haha…… YEAH BABY YEAH.

  3. Jia Ning说道:

    Wah, you are so busy 1 ar? Even you have to book yourself…

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    hello jianing.. haha yeah kind of.. am tryin to make myself less busy though.
    thus the need for holidays : )

  5. Jia Ning说道:

    So you are overseas now, enjoying the trip? The location is secret so that nobody can find you and disturb you? Ops.. am i disturbing your travelling mood? Sorry.. i din’t mean to.. I hope spending a few minutes replying my comment is not counted as hijacking your weekend.. I prefer my neck in not-twisted shape anyway.. :p

  6. Miss Poh说道:

    yeAh im using internet in my guesthouse with a cat in front of me, coming back today to face reality tho haha.

    Dont worry la you arent hijacking my weekend.


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