I’m so distracted by all the Taiwanese 民宿porn online and I’m soo scared I can’t finish August’s GUM in time!

Some of the best examples:

国境之南 · 垦丁


榄人 · 台南

橙园 · 日月潭

Beauty comes with a price…

I’ve enquired with 国境之南 and I just might stay there if rooms aren’t already snapped up! If not, it’s 香蕉湾 or 宿 MUAHAHA.

My route for now:
Sg > Taipei > Hualien > Kenting > Tainan > Alishan > Jiji > Riyuetan > Taipei > Sg in 20 days!

Shut up

It’s interesting to see how people who appear the most “liberal” (Read: chain-smoking, beer-swigging, cussing hippie wannabes) almost always turn out to be the most narrow minded and risk averse. They take pride in imposing their ideas on others and are unreceptive to new ones. They also tend to crack crude, unfunny jokes at the expense of others – an attempt to inflate their egos perhaps?

The seemingly “conservative” ones – inconspicuous and quiet wallflowers – speak only when they’ve got something of value to say and they’re always open to trying new things. Most importantly, they’re receptive to unfamiliar ideas.

I think the world could do with more people like them.

I’m so stressed my heart’s pounding and I can hardly catch my breath

it’s not coffee

my world’s crashing down on me. it’s mt vesuvius all over again

things will all work out, they will

and i will leave Singapore with nothing on my to-do list, i will.




Pimping my photos on Photoscape is strangely therapeutic. 救命风油 (From left to right):  Niki’s, Cell’s, Mine

I think I can’t live without 风油, coffee and lemongrass oil.

pimped3总是要等到睡觉前    才知道功课只做了一点点

pimped1总是要等到考试以后    才知道该念的书都没有念

pimped4不听老师话   后果自负



I am constantly in an unstable state of mind thanks to work and coffee.  As if that’s not bad enough, I often find myself smiling like an idiot these days. To myself.

And I blame these people/things:

Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flower – it’s the same old predictable storyline but I’m completely blown off my feet by Jun Pyo. Gawd, he’s too hawt! He really looks like Dao Ming Si doesn’t he.
My  husband Steven, who does not look the least bit worried about my obsession with Jun Pyo – note the kindly way he looks at JP. He knows it’s just a fling and he remains the irreplaceable love of my life.

My upcoming Taiwan trip!!!

I quote from the Hostelling International website:
The Farmtastic Hostel lies in the midst of beautiful unsullied surroundings reminiscent of Hokkaido in Japan , whilst the rustic tranquility brings to mind Provence in France.Close to Taroko national park and the pacific ocean coast.

I don’t mean to be a typical cynic, but it sounds too good to be true.

IF it really is smack in the middle of nothing but rolling green hills and fluffy white clouds, I’m gonna book it! And if this enticing photo dares to deceive I shall cry myself a river that leads to the Pacific.

I am so hopelessly excited about this trip! I 暗笑 whenever I think of it! And that’s every second of my waking time!

But I shall not be too happy/excited lest 乐极生悲。

My father is damn kuazhang. He’s not exactly excited about the fact that I’ll be travelling alone and he actually said these words:
“叫xx跟你一起去啦, 我帮她出一半。”

Wahlao eh, I’m paying for everything myself lah.

Interested candidates for a half-sponsored 20-day Taiwan Trip with a Tyrant, please contact my father.

Only applicants who are/look like Jun Pyo and Steven need apply.