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My first Holga prints

第一批Holga照片出炉了!我唯一动过的手脚就是扫描 没添加其他效果.

Holga可以玩多次曝光 multiple exposures,我喜欢.

放几张比较能看的 其他的在下面.

九份 被遗弃的房子
九份 被遗弃的房子
有点怪的multi exposure 你还看得出这是火车吧。


看到这效果,很大惊喜. 我记得了,是十分瀑布附近. 我又热又渴 坐在石头上休息 还写日记埋怨了一番.
看到这效果,很大惊喜. 我记得了,是十分瀑布附近. 我又热又渴 坐在石头上休息 还写日记埋怨了一番.




I like this multi exposure too.

I like this multi exposure too.

细雨飘来之前 垦丁的海
细雨飘来之前 垦丁的海

这是垦丁。  从高雄坐夜班车抵达时6.45am 有点魂不附体 把行李丢在民宿门外 就到附近走走 把吃剩的面包给了猫.
这是垦丁。 从高雄坐夜班车抵达时6.45am 有点魂不附体 把行李丢在民宿门外 就到附近走走 把吃剩的面包给了猫.
(Melaka) 有用数码相机拍下的一景.cross process 后制的效果,真的差不多!


am just waiting for my hair to dry before i melt into bed. clickin through friends’ photos. blog-reading. just got penny dai’s latest album and joanna wang’s first one. i love the peace of the night.

work’s hectic; lack of inspiration is no longer a good excuse for being unable to write. i’ve been feeling less. i donno. everything goes by so fast. but it’s great to work with people who make me laugh. i think i have terrorised some colleagues with my 响彻云霄 laughter. no wonder they always look at me funny.

Photo Bartr

My fresh from the oven digital prints (236 babies!) and absolutely emo Holga prints look so delicious, I can’t stop swooning.

Am making photo walls on my workstation and room walls. Hello Blutack! Bye bye Blahness!

barter photos

If you want one of these babies, leave a comment with its URL. Only one of each is available! I will barter trade with a photo of yours. Maximum of 3 photos per friend allowed. Surprise me!

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Finally have some room to breathe! I’ve opened the Add New Post page a million times but wrote nothing because of niggling to-dos at the back of my head.

Can you believe that I’m going to watch a movie tomorrow? With Brainbo Linda!

It’s not fun to have my heart and brains all over the place. I’m going to do less volunteer work from now on so I can concentrate on my interests and work.

And if I could just confess my love:


I wonder if I’ll ever get a DSLR.  I can’t do my 偷拍 thing without getting noticed. But oh, the depth of field that I can play with!

It feels odd to blog about my Taiwan trip now.. been quite some time, and a flurry of events have came and went. 就像莫拉克台风。



我照常上班 开会 吃饭 坐车 接电话



我感到很平静 很安稳



身边的一切动乱 一切纷扰