• been walking around with morbid thoughts, not good
  • i have no patience. at all. i wonder how people put up with me.
  • watched many movies thanks to T.H.I.S. Buddhist Film Festival, which was a great success. Many (or all?) shows were sold out! I caught 一轮明月,Dhamma Brothers, Sankara, and Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame. also caught Tokyo Sonata with mummy at the picturehouse today.
  • Tokyo Sonata at its surface is all gloom (大部分时间确实令我感到很窒息), but it’s actually a film about resilience. 活着就有希望,没有什么问题是解决不了的。故事人写实地刻画东京人所经历的悲剧,也让我们看到了,人面临所谓‘绝境’, 其实还是有选择的。 可以开煤气自杀,最后留下女儿沦为孤儿,自己逃避成功却害了最疼爱的人; 或者勇敢活下去,脚踏实地地生活。
  • i am a daiso whore. i need a box for all my daiso stash and uncountable notebooks. i wonder what i’m going to do with all the ribbons i bought today?
  • 脑袋里好多要做的、还没做的、急着做的事! 工作之后,比念书时还忙。正常吧。真的需要卸下了 那些不必要的责任。


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