didn’t sign into msn, it’s strangely calming.

tomorrow’s a crazy day and i can’t wait for it to be over and done with……. breakfast with colleagues, meeting 1, prep for dialogue, meeting 2, dialogue, workshop, meeting 3.

hope i’m in time to welcome parents back from taiwan. miss them.

i feel quite misplaced. i want to do lots of creative work and discussions but these are minimal in my life now, little things i look forward to. taking up my time and life are polite, “mutually-beneficial”  meetings and handshakings that i abhor but can only accept. look at the big picture, the bloody big picture…

GUM October 09: Thank You for Sticking With Us.

GUM Oct 09

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off day

今天天气真好 睡到自然醒 醒来读到一则令我雀跃的简讯

有人欣赏我的照片 很开心 我没有积极参加摄影比赛 也没有专业器材

还可以得到这样的认可 太幸运了

知道具体详情后 会告诉各位的!

无所事事的一天 真好

听着陶喆的旧歌 没那么多angst的歌 真好

打印老相机的老操作手册 真好

过一下子就要到家附近吃laksa 真好

我不想改变世界 只想静静生活

Collected papa’s old camera today! With a new lease of life, it’s fully functional and raring to go. Thanks to Mr Steven Lim of the Camera Hospital!

I can’t wait to take it on a 外拍! Would make a cool family heirloom, although papa hasn’t the slightest interest in photography.

Work review tomorrow.