Little but strong

Went to Sleigh Bells Ring, a musical by Little Island Voices last Sat and it was brilliant! They were witty, humorous and satirical without being crude – a great feat given that it’s their first production. I couldn’t help but compare it to a commercially-produced show recently staged at the Esplanade, and I must say Little Island Voices really are more sophisticated in terms of content and delivery despite the low budget and relatively inexperienced team. I spent $50 at the Liu Lian only to sit through unfunny and crude jokes, outdated digs at the gahmen (eh GST is so not in our list of concerns already, lor!) and a very laboured performance by the stand up comedian. Now I know a hefty budget, grand venue and big names are not accurate indicators of show quality.

Jasper who acted in SBR told us they wrote the script together and kept changing it to make the jokes current. There were many interactive segments and I especially loved the Naughty or Nice list-making one. We were asked to vote using our cleverly designed programme sheet whether a newsmaker was naughty or nice. Expected more to come after Tiger Woods, Ris Low and Lee Kuan Yew, hurhur! Such is the charm of truly independent productions.

Thank you LIV for such a fun and memorable night. Looking forward to your next production!



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