The opening of 爱之旅 was great despite my nonsensical speech – all thanks to fellow artists Reb, Jiu Jian and of course dear family and friends!!!

Thank you YMers: Cell, Billy, Renee, Hanyuan, Jalyn, Cihui, Raymond, Sab, Jie Ming, Eric, Wah Teck, Betty

Thank you No-Particular-Category friends Wenjian, Guohao

Thank you Re:Kindle Love cast and crew!

Thank you the great people from The Arts House: Sher, Sarah

And well-wishers Sea Ming and Chyork!

I’m damn grateful for my parents too, they’re the ripening of my good karma from a million past lives.

Please support if you haven’t already!! Remember to sign the guestbook! Gallery opens 10am-10pm daily, free admission.

Journey of Love Photo Exhibition 《爱之旅》摄影展

Featuring Jiu Jian, Rebecca Ling and Poh Yong Hui (aka me)

Start Time:
Thursday, 14 January 2010 at 19:00
End Time:
Monday, 15 February 2010 at 22:00
Print Gallery, The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane


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