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am starting to feel the sadness – i kind of knew i would have delayed response…

it’s starting to sink in.

the future seems a little bleak now

how do grand plans materialise, without someone so creative and capable to lead them?

i don’t wish to wallow in this profound sense of loss. life has to go on.

may we all have courage and strength to overcome this crisis.


Please support 《再见爱》 re:kindle love, a Mandarin theatre musical I’m involved in. Am taking photos that will be featured in the musical. Early Bird tickets on sale till 15 Jan!

Re:Kindle Love (Show Only)
«再 见 爱»Re:Kindle Love
First ever Mandarin Dinner-Musical experience in Singapore

Re:Kindle Love «再 见 爱 » is a tale about promised love that is destroyed under devastating circumstances. The story revolves around a young man and the various complexities which he faces with three women from different generations. It celebrates the optimism and hope that springs from true love, which is shared by a courageous man with those whom he loves during the journey of his life. But most of all, Re:Kindle Love «再 见 爱 » reminds us to cherish our present and our lives and to stay positive no matter how tough the going gets.

The special moments and songs that we have created for Re:Kindle Love
«再 见 爱 » will warm each and every heart this coming 2010 Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day!

Additional Information

The Arts House and Ko-Nen Creative
The Hall

5-7, 9-11 Feb 2010 | 8pm (Show Only)
12-14 Feb 2010 | 7pm (Dinner Package) For more information on performances with dinner, click here.

$48 (5-7, 9-11 Feb)
*Free Seating
*Early Bird Discount: 20% off regular normal ticket prices (Valid from 20 Nov – 15 Jan 2010 Friday 2359hrs)

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啧啧 太贪心了我


有点吓到自己了 以为自己是百毒不侵的


竟然被诱惑了 我感觉自己回到中学时代

那也是六年前的事了 天啊 仿佛是昨天。

到现在我还没有办法承认小时候喜欢的就是那个男生 呵呵呵






过了一个很棒的new year’s eve, 是我最喜欢的Spiritual Countdown。人挤满了整个聚缘坊,感觉那地方真的名副其实的让因缘聚合。

每一位义工都很配合我们的GUM主题,‘粘’到不行啊~ 气氛很GUM很棒!

真的要谢谢他们! 没有你们不行啊!

young artistes’ club创作的 当我们GUM在一起 真的很好听!回家后还一直在我脑中播放。 可以当做会歌了喔。