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Over the years, Mother Tongue has been beaten up, right, left, centre. And this cut in weighting is a kick in the groin.

Posted by: alamak426 at Sat Apr 24 11:53:21 SGT 2010

Yes it’s very DL.

Children of gahmen officials cannot master their mother tongues and do not care to, but that doesn’t mean other kids are like them. I’m disgusted at how low they can go to protect the interests of their own kids.

What’s next? Mother tongue  to be a non-examinable subject?

Please sign the petition Mother tongue weighting in PSLE should not be cut. by clicking here.


It’s been quite some time since i wrote a blow-by-blow account of the day. Used to despise such blog posts when i was young – who’d care to read what you did in your waking hours?

Rather self-indulgent, but i guess i’d like to write one now, just to commemorate a beautiful Sunday.

I woke up at 8.15 – not common for most working people on a weekend morning (Btw i strongly feel Friday should be Weekended so we only work 4 days –  that’s real action to alleviate worrying birth rates, high divorce rates and ageing population although i’m not truly concerned about these problems). i felt quite pleased with myself because i did my chores – bathroom cleaning – yesterday. no to-do list today! and i shall leave office work to office hours since i dont quite care anymore.

And i got dressed and went out. My mother commented before i left: you have many clothes but always end up wearing the same old ones – it’s true.

Sunday, so easy to get a seat on the MRT so i wont curse Tampines people who always leave us with no seats on weekdays. i wonder where these people are going too, on a Sunday morning. I often think of going to some park/hill/catchment area during weekends but i always end up doing the same things: nap, eat, TV, boring shopping in boring malls.

Listened to Cheer Chen – i realised i like 温室花朵 a lot.

reached Tiong Bahru in a snap and walked with Cell to the market. we’re supposed to have breakfast with Renee, Jo and Niki but R double booked herself, J was late and N was still asleep. Cell called Niki 8 times on her home phone. To no avail.

i ordered 6 chwee kuehs and kopi C xiudai. i love how we can customise our coffee to such a cute extent in kopitiams and hawker centres. starbucks can probably customise too but the terms don’t sound cool enough.

Jo queued ten minutes for 龍記豆花水 and they concluded it tastes just like any other 豆花水。 C said he likes the auntie who sells it.

Jo had bah chor mee and C had vegetarian beehoon; not like he’s got many choices in vege-unfriendly TB Market.

C got us lavender 風油 from hongkong as souvenirs.

Then i 打包ed vege horfun and kueh balu for sister and mum. Jo drove us to TB MRT and we parted ways.

昨晚看聊斋Rocks!, 4个字形容: 不痛不痒。

要rock 就要彻底、干脆,这才叫摇滚!要rock 还要搞笑(也没有很好笑),实在搔不到痒处。

还用改编、改词的《双栖动物》作主题曲…… 有点缺乏诚意。

还有  为什么风流书生不倜傥? 造型还衬托了他的包子脸   +_+


怎么桑晓那么轻易的就爱上两位妖精, 那么轻易的为害死他的三娘抛弃婴宁?

感觉没花心思铺陈。 也可能是我悟性低,“抓不到球”……



10天的假,4天曼谷 3天家里 3天槟城

这时候旅行的意义 是逃避工作 挤出喘息的空间






I will become monolingual in no time.