i’ve been meaning to say…

how extremely wonderful, and fortunate it is

for me to be in love with a Buddhist boy

not in comparison to other religions…

just that..

it’s different

(not that i have a prolific dating history..)

i’d like to think

the fact that he’s stable, mature, and reliable

(in my point of view: a real man)

is partly due to his Buddhist practice

and his versatility;

how he can be cute as a button pebble

at all the right moments

— that’s probably cos he’s a practising Buddhist, too

“knowing our function and acting according to what the occasion calls for”

That’s Zen

and how he’s always giving 100% attention to me (i so do not deserve it!)

and how unruffled he is by change

and his sweet, gentle temperament and speech…

it’s got nothing to do with his GPA or the schools he’s been to

i might sing a different tune one day, when we quarrel or something

(LGH i know you are rubbing your hands in potato-glee now)

but that’s my observation,


barely a month into our relationship


小石头,i’m really lucky to have you in my life.







2 comments on “i’ve been meaning to say…

  1. fang说道:

    Omg…pohpoh so xin fu!! So happy for u…really destiny! When will mine arrive?>,<


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