right now

saw a spider while on the toilet

that might be me in a future life

we tend to think we will live forever

but all we have is now

what’s not to like about my life now?

great friends, wonderful lover, happy family, slow living

no debt, only bills i pay are credit card and handphone

shelter over my head, rent-free

good health (most importantly)

overseas trips, even (restraint!!)

life is perfect, much as i try to avoid using this word for fear of over-stating things

i must be the happiest unemployed person there is

is there a problem with me being semi-employed??????

half of me says yes.

the other (hedonistic, lazy, useless) half says it’s perfectly fine..

my Zen conscious says: just put 100% in whatever i’m doing

100% love and presence for all loved ones

100% concentration when i’m working (totally guilty of giving only 20%)

100% mindfulness, moment to moment

and it will answer every question that surfaces in my too-much-thinking mind

i must strive on with diligence!

stop wasting my precious human life!



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