Our glorious PEP

Post Exams Plans!!

Starting TODAY wahahha…

21/12: End of exams dinner! Dharma lesson on emptiness at ABC

23/12: Watch Puppy fight with his friend (literally), stay over at NTU

24/12: Dinner at Puppy’s house

25/12: Family outing with Puppy, Christmas dinner at my aunt’s

26-29/12: Unplanned

29-??/1: Puppy comes to stay!!!

CNY 2011 (OK I know this is so not post-exams already): 3D2N Batam trip with Puppy’s family

June? (that’s PEP part 2): Taiwan trip!!!!! With Puppy and all the Pohs.

Mohohoho. The theme of our PEP is ‘Yayyy!!’

Yayyyy!!!! Can’t wait can’t wait!