1. I don’t know how to write my own bio. Haha.
  2. Must clean windows and doors before going out tonight
  3. and translate, write a list
  4. I AM STUCK. perhaps i shd go clear the stuff that i know how to do first.



两个人可以相遇,相爱,相守, 真的是很不容易的一件事。






Love is wanting someone to be happy

Attachment is wanting someone to make you happy.


I’ve not held a full-time job for almost six months, but it doesn’t feel this long. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! I think I’m officially a freelancer now. I’ve been sitting on the fence for some time.

I love my lifestyle now although I’m not earning much. Helps that my family doesn’t need me to chip in and I have at least six months worth of salary in my bank account? My father nags sometimes about how I can’t get employer’s CPF contributions, but I’m not too concerned at this point. Probably because I don’t have pressing financial commitments, and I suck at planning for the future. (How ah. What’s the amount of cash people usually need when they apply for HDB flats? How much in their CPF? I’m absolutely clueless)

That said, I’ve always led a frugal life, so I’m very low maintenance. (But I think I’m about to spend $100 on clothes online, and there’s no need to stop me.) There’s the occasional splurge but I still make sure my bank account is healthy!!

The Pros of a Freelancer’s Lifestyle:

  • Quite a lot of control over my free time, which means I can go on many full- and half-day dates with Puppy HEE HEE – and he can come stay at my house!
  • I can accept jobs I like and avoid those I don’t? It’s not really the case now because I take whatever comes my way. It’s good exposure and helps to build my network. I’ve been doing admin stuff, marketing, translation, copywriting, photography, random liaising, stage productions.. and I may be doing proposal writing and transcription quite soon. My favourites are of course translation, photography and copywriting but it was fun doing everything else.
  • Sufficient rest and sleep: I sleep a solid 8 hours almost every night and I can take naps most days. That rocks. But I must be mindful not to vegetate.
  • Regular meals and time to cook!! Have cooked twice with Puppy, so fun.
  • Working from home: own time, own target! No need to fret over work clothes.
  • Different employers and jobs bring me to different circles and places – mega Like.
  • Enough time to help non-profits pro-bono! I like.
  • Need to be highly adaptable so I can gum with new working partners and environments quickly – I learn.
  • Holidays/excursions any time I like, hohoho. Most of the time la.

The Cons:

  • Unstable monthly income
  • Occasional nagging from parents
  • Stereotyped to be very free
  • Sometimes need to be 随传随到
  • No one to monitor me all the time – so I need to have self-discipline. Which I don’t. :< All Angry Birds’ fault.
  • Need to be proactive in making money, and I lack this sort of spirit. 太安逸 i think.
  • Highly dependent on friends’ recommendations: Okay this is not really a downside. I’ve so far received a few lobangs from friends, 广结善缘就是好!

I can’t think of any more points and I need to go back to work. I intend to be a freelancer until June, at least. Then I’ll see how.