Gainful employment

I am truly blessed to be able to earn a living doing the things I want to do.

For now, at least. I don’t know if 2012 will be the same.

It’s a wonder how conditions fall together, how people (我的贵人们)push things through, so I can be where I am. No longer floating about, able to give some allowance to my parents, and using my expertise to do meaningful things. I have enough projects and income to consider myself employed full-time, while only one job requires me to work on-site on a regular basis. I need to start structuring my time so I can work from home efficiently ie. no Facebook as and when I like, no naps till nap time (if I’m lucky?), waking and sleeping at fixed times, no procrastination of house work.

I loved making timetables when I was a kid. Hopefully I’ll have the discipline to follow through with it. I’ve never succeeded in the past.

I’ve yet to tell my parents about it; I think they’ll be quite glad. My father has given up on stopped telling me to find a real job, haha. I am thankful for such supportive and relatively liberal parents. Guess it’s good that they both have full-time jobs and CCAs to use up their RAM, so they won’t bother themselves with my employment status.

ONE MORE DAY to the Puppy Weekend. We’re going to Ubin on Sat, Dharma class on Sun, then movies.

For interested stalkers readers: Vday was not bombastic since we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. He gives me little presents and cards on normal days too. YES YES “everyday is like Vday”, so cliched right. Laugh at me lor.

I miss TG! and Sweet Potato LGH, and yuanyuan. Must meet them.

The details for those interested:

I am working part-time with three parties – a music production house, Poh Ming Tse Temple and Dharma In Action, on their marcomms and running of projects.

I wish I can make a living out of editing uni students’ essays and resumes, finding interviewees for their FYPs, translating and editing brochures, posters, proposals, taking photos, and doing things that people don’t like / don’t want / have no time to do.

It’s been mighty fun and I feel no burden helping people do all that, even for free. In fact, I’ve been enjoying myself quite a bit.

Can I become a freelance do-all? I like being able to help make things work for people. Being part of the action without becoming too involved. 😛

Just got news today that one major production that we already started work on will be called off. It’s not a big blow to me, since my involvement has been quite minimal, with the occasional meeting and presentation doing. It’s not the same for Jalyn, and I can’t help but feel she’s been made to go through too many ordeals – far more than what she deserves. I can only stand by her and give her all the support she needs. Change is indeed the only constant.


I don’t get it. How did the weekend fly past without me noticing? I resolve to immediately get out of bed once I am awake so there’s no chance my mind can run wild.

I have to stop escaping into movies and books. They’re having a stronger influence on me than I used to imagine.

My to-do list is getting longer.

Despite the fact that I woke up at 11am

I am so productive!!

Who says freelancers cannot be productive? Huh!

I’ve washed the dishes, hung out the clothes, translated publicity text, edited a proposal and cleared email – without getting distracted!! No wonder my shoulders ache now.

My gosh I am so proud of myself.

I am soo excited about the weekend! CNY is so not over and I’m gonna spend it with some of my favourite people hohoho

Breakfast with sai sai, fang and Camy! It’s been so long!
3pm gathering at PK’s house; just found out that I’m helping with the film selection for the 2012 Buddhist Film Festival and this is a committee gathering of sorts
6pm dinner with Hanyuan, Jalyn, Cell, my sis and Renee!
8.30pm watch 红玫瑰与白玫瑰 with them

Steamboat at Niki’s house with 姐姐妹妹们
大世界 with puppy, his mom, sis and her bf!



The Exuberance of My Youth

is long gone –

I cringed when I heard girls my age talking non-stop at the cafe yesterday. Their lips were moving faster than their minds. Their voices, shrill and deafening. 岂是一个面目可憎了得!

Why do people these days equate talking a lot to being sociable and hence, likeable?

Need to try so hard to prove yourself meh?

Talk only when you need to! 废话说得太多,不用多久就会变white noise了……