Visited Real Food 真食 at Central Mall basement with Puppy cos I was enthralled by their simple decor and full vegetarian menu, nicely presented outside the eatery.

My pesto pasta was disappointing, as it didn’t come to me piping hot and dripping with pesto sauce. “Aglio olio pasta with french beans” would have been a better name for it. I guess my expectations were raised too high by the out-of-this-world mushroom pesto pasta from one of the 师大夜市 restaurants.. Real pesto pasta should look like this:

Crazy drenched in pesto sauce!

I liked his Mushroom aglio olio, but he didn’t. We both liked the Real Pumpkin soup (served with a large chunk of soft bread with melted cheese), though it might be a tad too watery for soup purists. Anyways, I’m not deterred from visiting the place again (although we felt psychologically unsatisfied and scooted off to Freshness Burger for our tofu burger therapy after footing the bill, heh).

It’s got a very peaceful yet warm ambience, pretty waitresses and a comprehensive menu that’s not too costly. I want to try their fried Chinese noodles, brown rice set and tomato sauce pasta.

I’ve been vegetarian for the past few months and I highly recommend these places:

  • Zen Vegetarian Japanese Restaurant, Midlink Plaza: soba noodles, unagi bento set
  • Rocky Master: Grilled veggie sandwich – chock full of chunky, juicy eggplant and zucchini
  • Forty Hands: Mushroom truffle sandwich – moist and flavourful!
  • The first stall you see after coming up the escalator to 2nd floor, Fortune Centre: most dishes are good, and we especially love the mutton curry noodles, 药材汤面线 and 杏仁奶
  • Freshness Burger, NEX mall, Century Square and Central Mall: TOFU BURGER!!!! The whole experience is therapeutic. The springy tofu is pan fried to golden brown, served piping hot with a huge dollop of avocado salad on top of it, and doused in a light, sweet sour sauce. PERFECT. I am definitely willing to pay $8.90 for the set, which includes fluffy and not greasy Hokkaido potato wedges, and a soft drink. Okay I usually switch that to a hot lemonade or yuja cha – both of which therapeutic by themselves!

Typing this post has made me very hungry. Luckily, I made century egg cold tofu, topped with spring onion that sprang out of a whole onion from the kitchen. Perhaps I should put it in a pot of soil.

P.S: My slow Fujitsu laptop (circa 2007), increasingly mobile lifestyle and craving for novelty has prompted thoughts of getting a Macbook Air………… But i know it’s more of a want than a need. I can always reformat my laptop; I’m just too lazy. Shall wait till I find a very good reason to buy it!

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

In the past 48 hours I went through a severe plunge in self-confidence, felt useless and helpless, imagined things, childishly made Puppy stay with me, felt my hands tremble, my heart race.. and I’m still alive.

活着就有希望! 我的问题跟别人的相比,简直太渺小了。

Anyhow, I’m glad that I decided to make amends and do my best. 尽力而为,那就够了。


I really hope my on-time email replies and prompt delivery of work do not give people the false impression that I have lots of free time on my hands and that that can be taken for granted…


As it is, my other work commitments have been compromised. Still learning how to be fair to all my projects and employers, which boils down to the art of saying ‘no’. I must be firm!

Was supposed to spend the day with Pupsicle but he’s been called back to camp. (what’s the official term for this?) Whatever it is, I just know that I’ve been depuppied. I don’t know why, but I wish to see him quite badly.

Poor Pupsicle’s suffering from a bout of stomach flu and insomnia, so I’m very happy that he can sleep soundly in my room. Just sent him off this morning but I feel as if a whole day has passed.

I shouldn’t have let him go all the way to Boon Lay to collect my stuff. I’m such a moron.

Misadventures of the Domestic Gourdess (1)

I’m settling into a routine where I get to make my own meals two days a week. If I’m not throwing things into the pot to cook with instant noodles, I will be popping whatever I can scavenge from the fridge into the microwave. I like that my recipe for each dish can usually be summed up in one-liners and that I can have a reasonably tasty meal without much effort. A microwave’s your best friend if you’re cooking for one.

I had for lunch today:

  • Mozzarella mushroom sandwich = white button mushroom + Mozzarella cheese + wholemeal bread
  • Oriental tofu salad =  miso paste + mashed tofu + Korean sesame oil (YUM!)
  • Said salad atop portobello mushroom – I should have just popped in the mushroom for 1 min and put cold salad on top. Microwaving them together resulted in lots of juice which was kinda unappetizing when cold
  • Raw lettuce; crunchy, sweet and green
  • Coffee, leftover from breakfast

While doing the dishes I got distracted thinking about something I now cannot recall, and a saucer flew out of my soapy hands and broke.

Am feeling sort of lousy for having stayed in bed too long and for being mean to Puppy yesterday night.

I hope he isn’t too traumatised. I don’t know what came over me. It was a temporary mood glitch, then I became normal again.

The more time we spend together, the more we’ll reveal our hidden selves. Brace yourself for mine, Puppy. 😛

Our relationship has been rosy for the past five months (how time flies!) but I’m sure kinks will start to form and dissatisfaction over all sorts of things will surface.. it’s only natural isn’t it? I’ll need Puppy to iron them out with me and I find comfort in knowing that we both believe in open communication, and that we don’t need to be similar beings in order to be in love.

Was at forty hands cafe with Niki and Ching Wi and we chatted about how we see ourselves in five years’ time. I’ve had a relatively smooth sailing time and I told them quite frankly I don’t have a plan. Things just happen to me; chances come, I take them up. The only proactive thing I do: keep myself open to all possibilities and people even when I hear bad reviews.

How would I react in times of crisis? I’ve not had much practice. People around me are too kind and unfortunate events seldom befall me. I know I should be meditating seriously as my trained, clear mind is the only thing that can help me in a crisis, but I continue to neglect it. Only a crisis would tell.