Am feeling sort of lousy for having stayed in bed too long and for being mean to Puppy yesterday night.

I hope he isn’t too traumatised. I don’t know what came over me. It was a temporary mood glitch, then I became normal again.

The more time we spend together, the more we’ll reveal our hidden selves. Brace yourself for mine, Puppy. 😛

Our relationship has been rosy for the past five months (how time flies!) but I’m sure kinks will start to form and dissatisfaction over all sorts of things will surface.. it’s only natural isn’t it? I’ll need Puppy to iron them out with me and I find comfort in knowing that we both believe in open communication, and that we don’t need to be similar beings in order to be in love.

Was at forty hands cafe with Niki and Ching Wi and we chatted about how we see ourselves in five years’ time. I’ve had a relatively smooth sailing time and I told them quite frankly I don’t have a plan. Things just happen to me; chances come, I take them up. The only proactive thing I do: keep myself open to all possibilities and people even when I hear bad reviews.

How would I react in times of crisis? I’ve not had much practice. People around me are too kind and unfortunate events seldom befall me. I know I should be meditating seriously as my trained, clear mind is the only thing that can help me in a crisis, but I continue to neglect it. Only a crisis would tell.


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