I was being spun around by clueless people when all I wanted was to collect two permits at one of the police divisional HQs. And I didn’t even manage to collect them, because “the officer in charge took urgent leave, and I cannot issue it on her behalf”. Oh well. At times like this, 只能接受,处理,放下。But these uniformed staff really need some basic customer service skills. Their unbecoming mannerisms aside, they didn’t seem to know what to do, or how to give a better answer to my queries, apart from “please sit down and wait”, which was followed by inaction. I sat with my jaws dropped.

I only managed to get my query answered after going through three different people. And they even had to ask me for their colleague’s number! What to do, better manage my expectations.

To cheer myself up, I cabbed to Aljunied and had spaghetti, cold tofu and hot almond drink at my favourite 慈航。I also bought organic black sesame and flavoured seaweed to garnish my soba noodles with. Love that it’s just 20 minutes away from my office by bus!

Work is piling up. I am starting to feel stressed. I need to start making a list.

Puppy won’t be coming home for dinner today. I must manage my expectations too, and not feel sad/let down/whatever when he tells me he will be having dinner with friends.