I just have to say

I am mightily proud of all my friends. They inspire me in more ways than I can imagine.

I am grateful to be able to learn from them – how they give of themselves, how they try their hardest to overcome shit in their lives, how they try their best to be kind even towards the unkind – it is not so much how they do it, but the spirit that spurs them.

Isn’t life amazing? Life brings us friends whom we can learn from. Friends to laugh and cry with us. Friends that just open up your world.

Eric, Dicky and Linda, I am inspired by you.



I shall be going to Kit Chan’s concert this October, and giving Faye Wong’s a miss. The cheapest tickets were sold out before I could get my hands on one.

随缘好去吧,执迷只会带来悔恨。 I have her in my heart.


爱一个人原来是 “就算你壮阔胸膛 不敌天气 两鬓斑白 都可认得你”

等一个人原来是 “等到风景都看透 也许你会陪我看细水长流”

放下原来是 “可以不在乎,才能对别人在乎”



The year is going to turn out more exciting than I had expected. I am fully booked till Jan 2012, for a variety of projects which I feel that I am well-suited to do. Doing what you like and doing it well (hopefully la), that’s probably the greatest satisfaction one can get!

Some of my friends are unhappy at work, and as always, it is not the work that kills – it’s the people and their wagging/unforgiving tongues. I say: if you can’t learn to live with it, then leave! I do not believe that we should suffer for the sake of money. When we’re unhappy, no amount of LV bags and overseas trips would help the situation even though we like to think they would.

Live simply, nurse your spirit and body, and wait till the conditions fall together for you. Only when we have a stronger immunity towards negative vibes and people can we work and thrive in all kinds of places. We have to work on our inner resilience, and stop looking outwards for solutions. Those people can be found everywhere and they’ll never leave, so changing jobs is not the ultimate solution.

It is probably easy for me to say, as I am a happy (most of the time) work-from-home freelancer spared/distanced from office politics and colleagues/bosses that you can never bring yourself to like, but I truly believe that’s the only way out.

I just wasn’t clear headed enough to think this way a year ago. But I do not regret leaving, because my decision brought me to where I am now.

Hoping for the best for my friends, who’re two of the most beautiful people in my life.

I am feeling the lousiest in months, after a sleepless night. Thanks to the coffee my father gave me at 6pm.

Just because my sister couldnt finish it.

I should have poured it down the sink.

Sleepless, and disturbed by all the thoughts of aversion again.

My body is aching.

I’m so glad I’ll be meeting Puppy later, after two meetings.

I’m going to cry in his arms.

Penang and Langkawi the day after tomorrow. 10 Puppy Days but I’m kinda worried we won’t have enough time for all the food and fun, hehe. (Also, our ability to remain vegetarian in Char Kway Teow Land)


Is it possible to terminally, permanently dislike someone?

Not all the time, but (almost) all my life.

Those feelings of aversion come and go, but they’ve never really went away.

Worse, they’ve been intensifying, and I feel engulfed by hopelessness.

Is there anything I can do about it? Yes, probably.

Do I want to do anything about it? I don’t know.

Perhaps the hours of work each day will keep me from dying from this.

“Choose who you want to be with, wisely. Some people are just toxic.”

I can’t really choose in this case. But I can control how much toxic exposure I get. Less contact, less radiation = less chances of getting cancer.

And yes, the trip will detox me!!!!

Heh. I’m being such a whiner. Life’s been really good to me, so I’d better stop whining.

I am not embroiled in any office politics, nor subject to people whining about it – one big plus point of working independently. All I need to do is to do my work. And I take pride in doing my best in everything I do. No matter the outcome, I feel happy and content that I did my best.

I’ve also got the best employers and coworkers in the world, who let me go on breaks and retreats, appreciate my work, and engage me in meaningful ways.

And I’ve got Puppy, who’s always there for me.

What more can I ask for?

Stop whining, start living!