Penang and Langkawi the day after tomorrow. 10 Puppy Days but I’m kinda worried we won’t have enough time for all the food and fun, hehe. (Also, our ability to remain vegetarian in Char Kway Teow Land)


Is it possible to terminally, permanently dislike someone?

Not all the time, but (almost) all my life.

Those feelings of aversion come and go, but they’ve never really went away.

Worse, they’ve been intensifying, and I feel engulfed by hopelessness.

Is there anything I can do about it? Yes, probably.

Do I want to do anything about it? I don’t know.

Perhaps the hours of work each day will keep me from dying from this.

“Choose who you want to be with, wisely. Some people are just toxic.”

I can’t really choose in this case. But I can control how much toxic exposure I get. Less contact, less radiation = less chances of getting cancer.

And yes, the trip will detox me!!!!

Heh. I’m being such a whiner. Life’s been really good to me, so I’d better stop whining.

I am not embroiled in any office politics, nor subject to people whining about it – one big plus point of working independently. All I need to do is to do my work. And I take pride in doing my best in everything I do. No matter the outcome, I feel happy and content that I did my best.

I’ve also got the best employers and coworkers in the world, who let me go on breaks and retreats, appreciate my work, and engage me in meaningful ways.

And I’ve got Puppy, who’s always there for me.

What more can I ask for?

Stop whining, start living!




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