“Busy” is overrated

and i have had enough with people who want me to make everything shout and scream for attention



Geeky me

Although never my forte, I have been dabbling a lot with website design – out of part desperation, part curiosity.

I happen to know exactly what I want in my sites, and I find website designers either too expensive or too scarce. I also thought it was quite fun doing web design, so I went about building the sites myself.

All are built on WordPress, which I find very idiot-friendly. ‘Idiot’ refers to people who know zilch about coding, like me. To make up for it, I had to scour Support Forums for plugins I needed to customise my sites. That was a major pain and extremely time consuming. Whenever customisations needed me to change the coding, I would always paste the original code in Notepad and do the edits with trepidation.

Here are sites that I have “designed” so far, with the help of free themes, free plugins, free support from forums and minimal coding (yay to that):




Not anywhere near professional, but I am happy with what I see.

Here I want to list plugins I love:

Logo Manager

Adds a logo to your site, fuss-free, works wonderfully


Gives you all the good stuff WordPress.com provides in one package – stats, sharing buttons, easy media embedding

Follow button (your site must be Jetpack-powered for this to work)

Lets people subscribe to all your new posts – and they can choose to receive updates on a by-post or weekly basis – how cool is that! No need to manually create EDMs!!


Create collapsible content blocks with simple shortcodes, like in http://www.inarts.com.sg/testimonials/

Date Remover

Remove uncool looking dates from all posts and pages

And for people who are looking to hide ‘No Comments’ in the Imbalance 2 homepage: this is the only feasible way that I managed to find after hours of searching –