Our war against loansharks

So Pupsie and I have just paid $5000 deposit for a resale flat with loanshark legacy issues.

Although the agent claims that the loansharks only came to splash paint once and the Completion Date will be sometime in April/May, I feel the need to arm myself with enough know-how just in case we get harassed in future. Might as well, since I have time on my hands.

I also feel that the seller should take full responsibility for her actions, not us. I am determined to protect my property and family like how a hen would protect her brood, even if it means war. I may sound a bit paranoid, since I am not even the official owner of the flat yet. But I prefer to err on the safe side so I know what exactly to do if the sharks come biting! And I’ll do all that I can to prevent that from even happening.

The sellers are a Singapore PR couple now residing in Malaysia, which makes the problem a little more tricky. I can’t exactly gauge the gravity of the issue at this point as the property agents (both seller’s and mine) are not very forthcoming. They are a mother and son pair, which makes it even more dubious. I guess I have to push them more to come clean. My ever-suspicious mind tells me they probably won’t since it is against their own interests, so I will do all the detective work before even pushing them. I must admit I have an innate distrust for agents of all sorts.

I hope I am just being paranoid and that this war is imaginary. I can only know after we move in.




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