Hello, this is a personal blog about my life as a young person living in Singapore, where I was born and bred. I am in my mid-twenties, working as a freelance translator, copywriter, and publicist.

I am a Buddhist, but I do not practice as diligently as I should be. Still learning to keep my mind clear, and curb my attachment and habitual tendencies.

Lastly, a list of things about me to bore you to death:

  1. I am the greatest enemy of the English grammar.
  2. It is tragic that hardly anybody appreciates my sense of humour.
  3. My mum is this close to giving out Boyfriend Bonuses.
  4. My parents have officially (and very gleefully) inducted the phrases “你的孩子” and “我的孙子” into our domestic vocabulary. Using such phrases on a twenty-friggin-one-year-old everyday will bring unthinkable negative effects on her psyche.
  5. Love/lust is just a romanticized form of self-torture.
  6. I hope this is just PMS but I wish I could grab indecisive aimai aimai people by their necks and shake them until they lose their way home.
  7. Can somebody sweep me off my feet and teleport us to a deserted island, LYK RITE NAO?!
  8. I am The Greatest Phony The World Has Seen.
  9. I love the smell of paper bags!
  10. My house has everything but a cat.
  11. I love Derek Puppy Teo. I am unable not to.

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  1. 墾丁的sunny^_^说道:

    HI~我是墾丁那個SUNNY~我不在那家店了^_^但永遠會再墾丁~隨時歡迎你來~這是我的Blog http://www.wretch.cc/blog/sunnyrush

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