As the whole world knows, my parents very much let me do what I want. I neednt tell them my whereabouts and I can come and go any time I wish. No need to ask for permission. No expectations imposed on me. I am as free as a bird. (Of course, being the good girl I am, I take the initiative to report my movements to them)

My freedom index has taken a slight plunge lately, with mummy expressing more than once  that I need to find a boyfriend, fast. The fact that I declared some time ago that I don’t wish to get married has sent both mummy and papa off their rockers. Mummy made a long discourse along the lines of how I wouldnt have someone to take care of me when I’m old. Papa keeps assuring me, in all seriousness, he’ll help take care of the kids in future. THE KIDS! *palms forehead*

It’s peer pressure, I tell you. Mummy has a colleague whose 3 daughters are all attached.  She hears stories about how their boyfriends go to future-mother-in-law’s for dinner and is probably feeling a wistful sense of nonfulfillment from my lack of a boyfriend.

I feel slightly sorry for making them worry (prematurely), since my declaration was made half in jest. Woops.

But they’re overreacting, lor. I’m barely 21! What’s more, getting a boyfriend now won’t guarantee I’ll be taken care of for the rest of my life.

Maybe all I need to do to stem their needless worry is to pay lip service and say “Ok la ok la, I will get married”. And honestly, my mum should stop mixing with bad company.


We had it in advance!

It’s been so long since my house was filled to the brim with people.


Look how happy my father is. He’s all red from the alcohol.

We all realised that we should keep in touch more often, not just on occasions like CNY.

Had a long chat with cousin, I’ve never talked this much before despite knowing him my entire life.


  • 他们只会拿,不会付出
  • 他们只有没人陪/闷/ 需要帮忙的时候, 才会传简讯给你,说要见面
  • 如果没有这方面的需要,就会人间蒸发 (我竟然笨得整天去问“你好吗”, 真的是白费力气)
  • 他们越来越让我觉得,我整天搞些什么聚会,根本是在瞎忙,不值得,因为没人会感激; 玩倒是玩得很尽兴, 曲终人散后,没人会说声谢谢
  • 他们往往是我太过注重的人


  • 他们只会付出,不求回报
  • 他们无时无刻的在陪着你
  • 他们做什么都是为你
  • 他们往往是我一直忽略的人

A 是大多数朋友。B 是少数朋友和家人。

A 是飘忽的,抓不住的,没保障的,有条件的,靠不住的。 (我其实不想说“靠不住”,可是还是说了)

B 是恒久的,稳定的,无条件的, 绝对能依赖和信任的。

我可爱的老爸今天说:“你21岁生日,我不会让你漏气的。” 还说什么要去查询酒楼VIP厢房的价钱!

哈哈, 厢房咧!中年安娣安哥庆祝大寿的最受欢迎方式。。。 可是我为他脱口而出的这句话感动非常。我很幸福,有那么疼我的家人。

我也不是一直以来都觉得我多数的朋友是那种人, 只是忽然有感而发。可能是我太计较/敏感了,谁不是因为寂寞或自己的某种需要才找朋友呢?